Business Website – £10 per month – No Hidden Costs

Hello, and welcome to our website. My name is Khalid and in my spare time I help small to medium businesses get online.

As this is a hobby my pricing is simple – £200 setup and £10 per month for;

  1. A website with your own branding and images
  2. Hosting (putting your website online)
  3. Unlimited number (within reason!) of personalised email address
  4. Basic changes as and when required, such as adding new photographs or changing an email address

Before we begin, here’s my breakdown on “going online”…

Domain Name

Your domain name is your www. address, like

Now Sony is a good example, because it is a “brand”. With a generic brand name, Sony could sell TV’s or mobile phones from the same website.

Sony is great if you want to promote multiple products or services, allowing the business to go into multiple areas but it made not be as easy to remember locally.

Another good example is a local business, like “” – that’s great if it’s just “Bob” in the business and he doesn’t want to stray from joinery services, but in the future if he decides to offer bathroom installations then his name doesn’t really go.

The length, pronunciation and spelling is equally as important. You want something that is easy to remember and spell.

So, in short be careful about what name you pick!

Secondly, the extension is just as important. If you’re a local, UK based business then buy a name that ends “” or “.uk”.

If you’re planning on promoting your business throughout the Globe then a .com is better as it is widely recognised as the best name to own.

Avoid extensions that aren’t any of the three above, like .online, .biz or .jobs

You never own a domain name, a bit like a personalised car registration, you lease it and pay a yearly fee which is included in your plan.

We’ll research and give you a number of options to consider once you’ve signed up.


Hosting is a term used to describe renting space on a server to place your website on the internet. Your monthly fee covers this and is something we manage.

It includes;

  1. Making your website accessible to the public
  2. Making your website search engine friendly (see below SEO)
  3. Providing you with personalised email addresses, such as “”
  4. Providing you with information as to how many website visitors you have had, when and where from

Website Design

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – Don’t ask for something with lots of flashing images, complicated buttons or dark colours! It isn’t professional and you’ll regret it.

With so many people using their phones or tablets to access websites you do not want something that fails to load on one device but works fine on another.

We usually take a basic template and customise it to suit your business branding and logo, ensuring it can work across multiple devices.

Here’s some of our websites

Website Marketing

Having a website is like having a shop. Just because you have a shop doesn’t mean people will come in, or even know it exists!

Website Marketing can be broken down into 3 basic categories

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is the process of making your website easy to access by both human and robot. Search engines like Google use robots to take note (index) of your website and what you are promoting. The cleaner it is (not literally, design wise!) then the easier it is to index.

In addition, if you get links from other quality websites pointing to yours then this helps. It indicates to the little robots that your website is popular and an authority so considers this when placing you high or low in the results tables.

The more SEO you do (it’s an ongoing process) then the higher you will appear near the top of search engines when someone searches for something relating to your business. We can offer set packages separately.

Finally, we always recommend updating your website with news or announcements to keep reminding the search engines you are active and in business.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is where you advertise your business in search engines like Google, so if you’re a barber in Edinburgh looking to attract new clients you may wish for your advert to appear when users make searches like Edinburgh barber or barber in Edinburgh.

Every time someone clicks on one of your adverts you pay a fee, which is priced depending on the number of businesses looking to advertise for the same terms.

Local searches may be priced at £0.10 per click where as something more expensive like Mercedes cars may be £25.00 a click! It is all relative to what you are promoting and the relevant competition.

The main benefit of a PPC campaign is that you can immediate target people looking for your products / services whilst only paying for people who actively visit your website.

We can provide you with a PPC package separate to your website design requirements.

Social Media

Social Media is a great, inexpensive way of promoting your business. Facebook is by far the most appealing option as you can setup a business page and ask your friends and family to share it to their contacts easily. You can also run advertising campaigns, targeting people by their likes and dislikes, age, gender and more. You can pay for exposure or per click and it is generally less costly than running a campaign on a search engine.

However, you have to remember that people using social media are not actively looking for your product/service and advertising on such platforms are really to remind or entice them. It can be less expensive to do but yield poorer results.


£200 then £10 per month
Domain Name
Website design
Website hosting
Custom email addresses
Basic ongoing changes
£300 then £10 per month
Domain Name
Website design
Website hosting
Custom email addresses
Basic ongoing changes
Facebook page design and setup
Twitter page design and setup

– You provide all text and images for your website.
– Each website is limited to 10 pages. Additional pages can are charged separately should they be required.
– Each website has a blog should you wish to add your own news, updates or announcements.
– Payments are taken by direct debit.
– There is no contract, you can cancel at any time and take your website with you (you’ll need to arrange for its removal).
– Domain transfers are chargeable.
– Anything beyond the scope of a reasonable design, such as a fully blown e-commerce website, are POA and not included in the offers above.